Thursday, July 27, 2006

Rock Star: Supernova Week IV

Hello everyone. This week, my dear hubby the Hammer has graciously invited me to share my views on this show as a “guest” reviewer. Want to hear what I have to say? Doesn’t matter, here it goes…..

First off, I think Supernova has proven last night beyond a shadow of a doubt that this show is nothing more than a TV show, PERIOD!!! They are not really looking for a singer for their band. If they were, Zayra would have gone home last night and not Phil. Sure, Phil might not have been right for this band, but he sure as hell has more talent than that wannabe Power Ranger. What the hell were they thinking?!? It’s obvious that Mark Burnett told them to keep her around for ratings as long as possible. It’s a joke if you ask me. At least last year, INXS was really looking for a singer and kept around the ones that deserved to stick around. I’m not saying that JD Fortune was the best in the bunch, but I think he was the best fit for INXS. Supernova has lost a lot of credibility in my opinion by doing this, and in reading the message boards on their website, they are pissing off a lot of fans too. I mean, what do we have to do to give them the message that we don’t want her around anymore? We keep putting her in the bottom three and she keeps coming back. The fans are doing their part, I’m afraid the band isn’t. What a shame!!!

Anyways, enough of her, she doesn’t deserve all the attention she is getting. On the other hand, I think some other “rockers” are finally getting the recognition they deserve, e.g. Storm. Wow!!! What a performance she gave. That dive into the crowd at the end of her performance was genius! She really won points with Tommy Lee for that one. I am glad she got the encore this week. Great job! She has always been one of my favourites even though the band doesn’t seem to like her much. Maybe they will pay attention to her from now on and leave that freaky Lukas in the lurch. I hate that guy. I think he is way overrated. He thinks he is all that and he is NOT. The guy looks like a freak and he can’t sing. I totally agree with Jason Newsted’s comments about him damaging his voice by singing they way he is and if Lukas had my old vocal coach, she would crucify him. He doesn’t articulate when he sings and we can’t understand a thing. Go back to your Leafs, Lukas, you suck just as much as they do!!!!!

My personal favourite, Dilana, did well again this week. Although her song choice wasn’t the best (Cyndi Lauper), she delivered it. She is perhaps not the best singer in the competition vocally, but she sure is the best when it comes to stage presence. She just brings you in and keeps you there until the end. She is awesome and I can’t wait to see what she will do next week. Supernova, please give the “rockers” better material to work with. The songs you choose are for the most part really lame if you ask me.

As for the other “rockers”, I would like to mention that Patrice has done an amazing job this week when she sang that Radiohead song to save herself. She is without a doubt the best singer in this competition and I hope she will stick around for a while so that she can show what she can do. I’m not sure she is right for the band, but she is awesome nonetheless.

Josh: Poor Josh! He doesn’t belong there. He can sing, but he is more of a boy band/R&B guy, not rock n’ roll. Sorry dude! You gotta go as well.

Jill: What an annoying little pest!!! She is so not right for this band either. She may have a good voice, but she yells too much for my taste. You gotta go as well, and the sooner the better.

Dana: Although she did well this week, she is way too young (22 years old) and unexperienced for this band. Keep singing cause you have a great voice, but you are no rocker either. Good luck to you.

Magni: I love this guy’s voice. In my opinion, the best male vocalist in the bunch. However, I don’t think he quite fits with this band. I know it’s horrible to say it, but looks are important in Hollywood, and I just don’t think he has the look they are looking for. Great musician though, and I think he has a great future in music.

Ryan: It’s about time he brought it. His performance this week kicked ass. I really liked his energy and I hope he keeps it up. I guess we’ll see next week.

Last but not least, Toby: This week, he didn’t impress me. He sings well enough and he is drop dead gorgeous, but I just don’t know. He just doesn’t have that chemistry that a band leader needs to have to really connect with the crowd. It’s just my opinion.

All in all, I agree with the bottom 3 this week, but I totally disagree with Supernova for kicking off Phil. Zayra MUST go NOW!!!!!!!


Mrs. Hammer


At 7:00 PM, Blogger Squiddy said...

I was sad to see Phil leave, but his pretty boy looks are more suited for a Britpop band a la Pulp, Suede, etc. Then he could give in to his fey looks (which I like) and play up the head-bobbing and other quirks. Is anyone even close to beating someone like Dilana, though?

At 12:42 AM, Anonymous pgwp said...

I don't get all the Zayra hate. She is a genius. She must be functioning on a plane that the rest of you just can't reach. She's the only reason I watch the show.

At 4:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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