Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Rock Star: Supernova Week III

All of the performers brought it up a notch this week, but I think the bottom three of Dana, Jenny and Josh were pretty much right on the mark. I loved Jenny's version of "Vasoline" and it was cool seeing Dana do Sass Jordan rather than her regular Alannah Myles-lite schtick. I thought Josh should have been booted because his Nick Lachey vibe is just irritating, but Jenny got sent home, which was an inevitability anyways.

Although Phil, Magni and Jill (looking good!) all did really well this week, and for the first time, Zayra demonstrated why she made it through auditions for this show, there are really only a handful of serious contenders for the gig. Toby has an outside chance if he picks it up a bit ... last week's rendition of "Somebody Told Me" was great, but this week, he fell down hard with, what was it again? Oh yeah, I forget.

Week III was a massive improvement over Week II. Hopefully, the trend continues.

This week's top 3:

1. Lukas (as if he didn't know "Let's Spend the Night Together")
2. Storm (not that sturdy vocally this week, but what an alluring stage presence)
3. Dilana (we need to see more range over the long haul)

Honourable mention: Patrice (the total package, but is she balls to the wall enough for this spot?)


At 10:50 PM, Blogger Saj said...

I've caught a couple episodes of this show and although she's great to look at Brooke Burke is the worst TV host I've ever seen. She barely watchable anymore. I mean, how hard is it to read a telepromter???

Come on...


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