Thursday, July 27, 2006

DVD Review: The Black Crowes - "Freak and Roll ... Into the Fog" (2006)

This set is taken from a stint the reunited Crowes did at San Francisco's Fillmore in August 2005. I really don't know why they got back together as this show is basically Chris Robinson and the Dildoes. Brother Rich "Blackmore" Robinson simply stares ahead blankly with zero enthusiasm and the other guys in the band are basically a bunch of pylons just mailing it in. This is Chris' show from start to finish and he works and sings his bony ass off through an impressive set list that will satisfy both the casual and die-hard fan. Because of that, it's a half-decent addition to one's music DVD collection, but the limp stage presence of the band as a whole is disappointing.

Also disappointing are the hand-held shots of the guys going around San Francisco during the jam in "My Morning Song". Personally, I would have rather heard the music, but I did get a kick out of a brief glimpse of the interior of the Vesuvius Cafe (which I recognized from a visit I took to the City by the Bay four years ago.) It's right across from the Lusty Lady, but to quote the narrator of Hammy Hamster, that's another story.

Overall rating: 7/10


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