Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tuesday digest

- The Saudi royal family has waded into the Mideast crisis and have threatened pan-Arabic war against Israel. I have one thing to say about this:


The House of Saud cares about one thing and that's protecting their own privilege and all of the hookers, cocaine and oil money that goes along with that. The last thing they want is to upset the apple cart. However, they're obligated to both fund terrorists and match that with rhetoric from time to time in order to deflect internal Saudi criticism away from their own corrupt, hedonistic lifestyle and towards the US and Israel.

- Peter Mackay is on his way to Rome. Could anyone be less qualified to provide the Canadian position on the intricacies of international affairs than the former Crown prosecutor from New Glasgow? There is no member of Cabinet more in over his or her head.

- At least some at the UN aren't afraid to say that Hezbollah are using civilians as shields, although it does come with the usual moral equivalence. Is anyone really surprised? As for this disproportionality stuff, I disagree. Israel has put up with enough, although the usual suspects at a recent anti-Israel protest in London would disagree with me. Saddam apologist George Galloway, of course, was right in the thick of things.

- While on his way to Iran, Cindy Sheehan's buddy Hugo Chavez is stopping in Moscow to buy a billion dollars' worth of air armaments. Still going to speak out against militarism and aggression, Angry Left, or do you only do that when it's not one of your own who's engaged in it?

And as a former university buddy of mine used to say, "It'll always be the G-7 to me".

Well put.


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