Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday digest

- I realize it's hard to compete with a Vice-Presidential pile-on, but shouldn't this be getting a little more attention than it is?

- Robert Kagan asks when the positive developments arising from the troop surge are going to be reported.

- Sounds like CBS now stands for Clinton Broadcasting Service.

- The spin cycle is working overtime in Latin America these days.

- An interesting look here at the attitudes of American youth towards hot-button social issues.

- Finally, anyone who considers themselves to be an informed, thinking individual about global issues owes it to themselves to set aside an hour and fifteen minutes and watch this documentary from the BBC on the hoax that is man-made climate change. However, be forewarned: it features insights from solar physicists, oceanographers and earth scientists rather than ideologically-driven, capitalism-loathing environmentalists and their apologists in the mainstream media, neatly packaged and presented by failed Presidential candidates and given further credibility publicity by Hollywood golden boys, so it may not be as easily digestible as some other alarmist documentaries you may have seen recently.


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