Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thursday digest

- Deviating from far-left orthodoxy at the "Take Back America" conference yesterday, Hillary Clinton was booed for suggesting that while the US military has succeeded in Iraq, it's the Iraqi government which has failed.


Perhaps she's just too much Bill and not enough Ralph for her party's primary voters. Either that, or you have to look elsewhere for respect and tolerance of differing points of view.

- MSNBC has conducted a survey of 144 journalists who have donated money to one or both of America's two main political parties since 2004. Of those surveyed, 17 gave to Republicans, 2 to both parties, and a whopping 125 to Democrats - for a total of 86.8%.

I guess this explains why the Democratic candidates believe they don't need to debate each other on FOX, as they've got plenty of friends elsewhere in the mainstream press.

Take a look at a couple of other important articles on the media, here and here.

- Here's a little victory: the Canadian government is pushing the date for regulations on trans fats back by a couple of years. I don't think we need the nanny state protecting us from what we put into our cakeholes, especially when it comes to something as basic as this. Leaving aside Canada's no-fault health care system, I'd like to know why, if you don't want to take care of yourself, it ought to be the government's concern?

- Many Canadians often complain that Americans don't pay any attention to what does on in the Great White North. This might be part of the reason why.

- What do you think is going to get more talk around the water cooler this summer in Ontario? This, or the follies of Paris Hilton and the like? I'm betting on the latter.

- From time to time in this forum, I riff on Quebec's political culture, but one area where they have things right is when it comes to beer and wine sales because they promote competition and markets, both of which lead to lower prices and better service.

- We're always hearing about how the modern economy isn't benefitting the middle class. I wonder how much the fact that in America, there are a total of 7 debit/credit cards for every individual over the age of 15, might have to do with it. You can't better yourself if you're drowning in debt.

- I'm a big fan of John Stossel for two reasons. First, he likes to make hamburger out of sacred cows, and second, he makes you think. This article is no exception.


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