Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tuesday digest

- Now this is just irresistable.

Syria's Minister of Expatriate Affairs recently found a minute between meetings with Hamas and Hezbollah to issue a wordy lament concerning the self-imposed exile of far-left anti-war darling Cindy Sheehan.

Have a look at it for yourself, here.

- Civil libertarians are referring to air transportation as a human right. I'd like to know this - since when?

- Secret ballots for union members? Not in Harry Reid's America. I'd really like to see Hillary Clinton speak out against this.

- A couple of days ago, I mentioned that Ontario gets screwed when it comes to fiscal federalism. This article explains how, and also why, at certain points in my life, I have dreamt of a Canada that extends all the way from Victoria to Ottawa.

- MP Myron Thompson is quitting politics. I fully expect other backbench MPs who were first elected in 1993 to follow suit prior to the next election, as it seems the only way you can get into Cabinet if you were an original Reformer is if you got into bed with the nauseating Joe Clark back in the days of the Canadian Alliance.


At 3:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i believe myron thompson is actually quitting politics because he just realized that he died 17 years ago.


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