Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thursday digest

- I know it's a long-dead horse, but hell, for the sake of a good cheap shot, I'll still beat it.

- Moqtada al-Sadr, wherefore art thou?

- Thomas Sowell has provided a valuable three-part series of brief articles on the global warming debate. See here, here and here.

- I wonder if the no-nukes deal with socialist North Korea, buttressed by almost half-a-bil in aid money, will mean that people can stop eating blades of grass for dinner in Pyongyang, but I'm not hopeful.

- One has to be disappointed that individuals like this would reach such heights in the presidential campaign of a former Veep nominee.

What a waste, as in "(W)e ended up launching a war that should have never been authorized, and should have never been waged, and to which we have now spent $400 billion and have seen over 3,000 lives of the bravest young Americans wasted."

More commentary from the would-be philosopher king du jour, here.

- It's time to consider putting Vladimir Putin in the penalty box and suspend him from the G-8 for a good six months (for behaviour that goes far beyond run-of-the-mill anti-Americanism) unless he starts to shape up.

- As if the Liberals' rendering of the Anti-Terrorism Act completely toothless wasn't disappointing enough - despite the sage counsel of two former deputy PMs and a former Justice Minister, I might add - now they're embracing this ridiculous piece of legislation.

- I for one hope that Marion Boyd hasn't slept all week upon hearing this news.

- Take a look at the size of the trough, here.

With a declining birthrate, an aging population and spineless political leadership, we're in for a hell of a time, no?


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