Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tuesday digest

- While Hillary Clinton is coming strong out of the blocks in the race for the Democratic nomination, there are some who are questioning both her qualifications and how she's going to hold up to almost two years of scrutiny over the course of a primary and Presidential campaign. Her main competitor, Barack Obama, hasn't picked up any ringing endorsements from self-appointed civil rights leaders, in part because they don't seem to think he's paid the same dues as they did. (On that note, it's sad to see that segregation still exists in America's capital.)

- Tonight, President Bush will give a State of the Union address which is expected to stay away from his pet issue of democratization in favour of other topics like energy policy. This isn't surprising, given the lack of unity in Congress which continues to embolden the enemy despite positive developments as of late. It's certainly no time to quit as not only terrorists but also the Iraqi public are watching closely to see if defeatism will win the day or not.

- Speaking of W., What might have happened if Jeb rather than George was their father's successor in the White House?

- Russia is selling weaponry to Iran - just another reason why it is and always will be the G-7, not the G-8 (France notwithstanding).

- True to form, Marxist-Leninist Hugo Chavez has suspended Venezuela's constitution. Where's the outrage?

- Busybody municipal councillors all across Ontario are now occupying themselves with deliberations regarding laws to force toboganners to wear helmets.

Please. This is government paternalism at its silliest. Are we going to pay bylaw officers to stand on snow hills all across our cities and towns to ensure that 12-year olds out for an afternoon of fun are taking the proper steps to protect their precious little heads?

They should spending their time trying to figure out ways to hold the line on property taxes while ensuring that core services like snow removal are protected instead of worrying about silliness like this.


At 3:50 PM, Blogger Greenchief said...

Ham bone ... on a completely unrelated topic ... curious to hear your take on Mayor O'Brien naming Collenette as Chair of the Taskforce on Transportation.

On one hand, I have to applaud this seemingly non-partisan move, considering Collenette and his family's lifelong Lib. ties.

But I also find it confusing, since a bigger urban rail advocate than Davey C. would be tough to find.

This is the guy who convinced Chretien's gov't to dedicate something like $350 million to the Union Station to Pearson Airport railway link.

What gives?

At 4:26 PM, Blogger Road Hammer said...

Not sure, either, Greenchief. The only response Collenette has on any public policy question is "throw more money at it" - especially anything that goes 'choo-choo' is involved.


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