Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thursday digest

- Lots of hype about Obama lately. This article takes a clear-eyed look at what impact his candidacy may have on American politics.

- Every time I read no-nonsense articles about entitlements, I get concerned because there is absolutely no appetite for change on that issue despite how necessary it should obviously be.

- Unmet expectations in Iran bode well for those looking for a change in leadership there, while Robert Baer says the surge in Iraq will just delay the inevitable, albeit with (hopefully) far less bloodshed.

- Our so-called conservative government in Canada is about to further reward the most over-taxed, over-regulated and over-unionized place in North America with another billion dollars because, not coincidentally, it happens to be a have-not province (or is that nation?) under Canada's brand of fiscal federalism. Reportedly, while Quebec's share of the pot will jump by almost 20% over the approximately $5.5 billion it currently receives, none of the other have-not provinces in Canada will see an increase in their annual transfer payments.

Very disappointing for those who expected more from Harper.


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