Friday, August 04, 2006

Friday digest

- Today, we have a two-way tie for the loony left play of the day. You know it had to happen sometime.

First, we have loudmouth NDPer Robert McClelland dismissing the death threats against liberal Muslim Tarek Fatah, which I blogged about in yesterday's Digest, with the following (found here in the comments section on Adam Daifallah's post titled "Tarek Fatah quits"):

Death threats...yawn. If you haven't gotten a few death threats in your lifetime it just means you're a nobody. Of course since Muslims are involved though, it's screeching time from the racist right.

I imagine that to McClelland, the measure of success in public life is how many people want to off you. No wonder the leader of McClelland's party never stops talking ... maybe Jack Layton is hoping that one day, he'll need RCMP protection and then he'll know he's hit the big time. After all, it's not like he's ever going to even come close to being Prime Minister.

Secondly, we have Hugo Chavez, Venezuela's Marxist dictator, who, in recalling his ambassador to Israel, cited the apparent "genocide" that is being perpetuated against Lebanon, calling it a "fascist outrage". (See here.) If Chavez considers this to be a genocide, I wonder what he'd call the death of millions under Communism, or did those deaths not really happen in Hugo's world? (H/T: GnR.)

Who do the good people of Hammerhead Nation think deserves today's loony left play of the day between these two very strong contenders? Vote by writing me at, I'll tally the votes and post the results tomorrow morning.

- It looks like Tony Blair is staking his career on the pipe dream of a two-state solution in the Middle East during peace negotiations that are to take place next month. I think he's been sucked in. A two-state solution is only going to be possible if and when the Hezbollah and Hamas terror networks are destroyed so as to be rendered absolutely useless, and not a minute sooner because they're not interested in one. This has been shown over and over and over again. With the politically correct war Israel is fighting now, which is marked by half-measures despite leaders such as Blair referring to Israel's efforts as "unacceptable", I think it's going to take longer than a few weeks to do that, if they even have the guts to really do what's necessary. Why can't the world quit with the appeasement routine, take the foolish notion of a ceasefire off the table, take terrorists at their word when they say they want to destroy Israel, and do what needs to be done to end this scourge?

- Some are suggesting that this past weekend's civilian casualties were arranged by Hezbollah. Even Israel bashers have to admit that this is not entirely out of the realm of possibility.

- Indigo CEO and longtime Liberal Heather Reisman is now a Tory because she's can't stand Trudeaupian moral equivalency. Hopefully this means that the current events table at Chapters is going to carry "Londonistan" along all the Chomsky titles they seem to love so much.

- Over one-third of respondents to this poll agree with Democratic National Committee chair Howard Dean and think that the White House may have had advance knowledge of the September 11 attacks. I think it's important that this poll be looked at as not a third of Americans overall, but a third of respondents to this particular poll. Concrete conclusions about representative public opinion for the entire United States cannot be drawn from a sample size of 1,000 people.

- Much more statistically significant would be this poll of 1,200 academic social scientists where 80% of them identified themselves as Democrats with less than 10% identifying themselves as Republicans.

- At home, the deaths of four Canadian soldiers have once again led to calls from some quarters that we need to give Afghanistan back to the Taliban. It annoys me that we have to go over this time and time again. It should be obvious why depriving al-Qaeda of a base for their operations is in Canada's national security interest, and if it's not, you ought to click here for a gentle reminder.

- And finally, this just in: Women prefer real men to feminized wimps. There are too many money passages to quote from the article, so everyone should read it themselves because it carries a lot of truth!


At 4:13 PM, Blogger Bobcaygeon said...

Hammer, do you really expect that the coalition forces in Afghanistan can "win the peace" there - ever?
Canada, and the rest of the western forces there, are wasting time and lives.
There always has and always will be massive instability in that region and nothing but an iron fisted dictatorship can ever rule there.

Having our troops getting blown off the road every week in the name of security isn't going to get us, or the Afghani people, anywhere.

Dismantaling the Al Queda training camps and Taliban government were obviously necessary measures, but what is the exit strategy for that place? Wait until the local government gets a handle on the Taliban? Ain't gonna happen... ever.

Better to pull out and send over a few weekly bombing sorties to keep the camps at bay.

At 5:44 PM, Blogger Cubá libre said...

I disagree with your assessment that "A two-state solution is only going to be possible if and when the Hezbollah and Hamas terror networks are destroyed so as to be rendered absolutely useless".

The transfiguration of Palestinian politics is not going to come through bruising IDF military action, rather it will just intensify the Islamist malaise. Do you not agree? There is a great article in Time this week about how bad the Bushies are fucking up with their FP in the MidEast, please have a glance.

Bobcaygeon, your remarks are way off the mark! To openly call for a regression to autocracy in the face of spiked up violence is a great insult to the Afghan people. This will be a long, rough haul but we can do it. Iraq on the other hand is a diaster of such epic proportions that I fear for the future.

At 6:59 PM, Blogger Road Hammer said...

Bobcaygeon: I would be really embarassed as a Canadian if we pulled out and left Afghanistan to that rag-tag Stone Age bunch known as the Taliban. We would lose so much prestige internationally, we'd be reduced to an overgrown Norway (minus all the medals at the Winter Olympics).

Cuba: I don't think the Palestinians could ever be expected to negotiate a two-state solution in good faith when Hamas in particular is so central to political life there. I also don't expect Hamas to seriously change their views on Israel's right to exist, either. They need to be eliminated because that is the only way that liberals and reformers - those who truly want peace and are willing to entertain the possibility of a two-state solution - will ever gain a foothold in Palestinian society.

At 5:24 AM, Blogger jw said...

Women prefer real men ...

I do not much like the article, even though he has a few good points.

I spent decades fighting for the needs & rights of fathers who have custody of children. Another way --as opposed to the author's-- to stand up to women is to fight for men's rights in the areas in which males are at the bottom of the heap: Women respect and love men who fight for the underdog.

The author is right in saying that women do not like yes men ... Mind you, there is a huge difference between being a metrosexual whimp and the dominant jerk the author seems to see as a "good" man.

My point being that two types of people write "what men/women want" articles:

- women who do not know what men want and aren't all too sure what women want (the vast majority)
- men who want dominance in some older form

Neither has a clear view of the human reality.


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