Sunday, July 09, 2006

Weekend digest

- Quebec Premier Jean Charest seems to have suggested that Quebec can "go it alone" while on a visit to France. In later reports, he apparently backtracked and said that he was referring to the fact that Quebec now has the legal means by which to separate, which, technically speaking, he is correct following the 1998 Supreme Court decision on secession and the subsequent Clarity Act. However, I certainly hope he wasn't talking about the economics of separation, because to any rational observer, there is no way Quebec society as currently constituted could possibly do such a thing. To establish an Armed Forces, border infrastructure, and embassies abroad, to mention only a few pre-requisites for having one's own country on top of Quebec's crushing debt load and punishing taxation levels, would be nearly impossible, and even more so when you take away the help the province gets from the federal government in terms of transfer payments and other subsidies.

- Staying with Canada, this article tells it like it is when it comes to gang violence.

- Al Gore seems to comment frequently on Canadian politics, which, in and of itself, I really don't care about, but a more disturbing double standard is at play here, as this editorial points out. Another look at Gore's crusade, here.

- Interesting article here from Drudge on how W seems to have lost his nerve. I wonder if he'd be so mild if it wasn't a Congressional election year, especially since the real story about the economy seems not to be getting out. In the meantime, VDH wishes Dem pols who may eventually inherit the world's problems a lot of luck, especially since more clear than ever that this is a war.

- Today's loony left play of the day comes to us courtesy of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, they of the "Freedom of Speech" tour and top ticket prices of well over $200. It stopped in Ottawa last night (I didn't go). In the spirit of truth in advertising, I humbly offer that they should change the title of this in-the-name-of-the-people juggernaut to the "Freedom From Need" tour because make sure these fellas have a nice comfy retirement while selling dissent and rebellion at to aging hippies at exorbitant prices would be more accurate.

- Finally, a great article here on how to BS your way through baseball discussions, but it can be applied to any sport, really. How fitting considering the World Cup final is today, and everyone will be pretending they actually give a rat's ass.


At 4:13 PM, Blogger David said...

No kidding about people jumping on the soccer bandwagon. I was quite content to be watching the USG Sheetrock 400 instead of European Kick-Ball.


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