Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tuesday digest

- I honestly like Hillary Clinton, and I think a lot of the abuse she takes from the Right is either mean-spirited or insubstantial, but the picture above was too good not to post.

Hey, Howard Dean said he wanted to make the Democrats the party of guys with pickup trucks and Dixie flags, so a downing couple of ales together at the shoe show in Manchester after a rip roaring New Hampshire primary debate would be sure to get the candidates a bit of positive ink, no?

(Maureen Dowd aside, of course.)

I bet Carville would go for it.

- A few facts about who pays what at tax time, here.

- Here's a fantastic piece of insight regarding the British sailor fiasco from John O'Sullivan.

- Why you, I or anyone else should give two craps about Don Imus and/or Al Sharpton, I can't quite answer. Everybody knows that there are bigger issues facing the black community than whether or not a radio host throws around the word 'ho' like he's the opening act at a 50 Cent or Ice Cube concert. And if folks were honest, they'd admit that the biggest issue of all is that one, right there.

- Speaking of telling it like it is when no one else will, I give you Ed Koch.

- As if the Pope mouthing Marxist platitudes last week wasn't bad enough, now we have a Catholic bishop in England saying that Mahmoud Ahmedinejad is actually a pretty decent guy.

I wish they would just stick to matters of spirituality instead of weighing in on economics and geopolitics.


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