Saturday, March 24, 2007

Saturday digest

- It's encouraging to see that even some Eurocrats are realizing the negative effects of political correctness in the media and on university campuses. Hopefully, they'll soon realize the same about cultural relativism.

- Honest thinkers will agree that global warming remains debatable on a number of levels.

- Every time I'm about to completely write off John McCain, something happens that makes me re-consider him. In this case, McCain's captured of the support of a guy I've always liked, Tom Ridge.

- Increasingly, when it comes to kids, feelings matter more than achievement. We're doing them no favours with this approach.

- I know that everyone hates a whiner, so I'll quit complaining about the appalling Conformatory budget from the so-called free-marketeer Stephen Harper this week, right after linking to these two articles from husband and wife John Robson and Brigitte Pellerin. One of the biggest barriers to achieving less government intrusion in our lives is that those who are on that side of the debate have to teach at the same time as they attempt to win, and apparently, Harper just doesn't have the stomach for that job.

- Despite progress in Iraq, where the enemy has resorted to blowing up their own children, violent Islam remains a potent force in places like Iran, "Talibanistan" and here in Canada.

As ugly as the war is, it would be immoral to betray those who need us most any more than we already have.

- Gold: William Shatner is going to induct Jerry "The King" Lawler into the WWE Hall of Fame later this month, while Wade Boggs is going to do the same for Mr. Perfect.

- By the way, does anyone else think the Conrad Black trial is more about him being punished for years and years of assholian behaviour than some convoluted business transaction?


At 12:29 PM, Blogger Skeelo said...

My youngest nephew is in Grade 2 and can barely read. My sister-in-law asked to have him held back a year so he wouldn't be even more over his head and the teacher said that they are not allowed to flunk kids anymore becasue it is bad for their self esteem (which another friend who is a teacher confirmed). How is not being able to read at a level remotely close to your classmates good for your self esteem?

The whole Conrad thing is because he is an asshole and because people just want to make an example of him. It's not that much unlike the Martha Stewart circus.

At 5:12 PM, Blogger David said...

Canadians resent the wealthy and Conrad Black's opulence got under their skin. I have business professors who are ready to skip the trial and proceed directly to sentencing. You can imagine how much a tweed jacket-wearing professor loathes a man like Black... envy at its worst.


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